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Give that Blank Wall a Makeover with Art

by Todd Boatwright

“Still have a big blank wall in your living room?  Today coming up on House Proud how to fill the empty space,”  says Todd Boatwright.

“And Interior Designer, Robin Colton, joins us with more on filling a space.  And it’s not just banging a nail on the wall and hanging a painting up.  There’s some thought behind it.  It’s designing a wall space,” Boatwright continues.

“Absolutely,” Robin Colton answers, “and telling a story about who you are as a person, and what’s in your soul with the art that you select to hang in your space.  This piece was actually found on an anniversary celebration trip in Maui, happened upon a gallery, fell in love with the piece, and boom we have the perfect space, the perfect size, and the perfect story to tell about the travels of the couple that live here as well as who they are as people.  There’s a sense of humor to this and it really shows.”

You can go too small on a large wall. You can go too large on a small wall. Or you can hang art too high. You really want the art to relate to the room and to the wall itself so scale and proportion are key.
— Robin Colton

Boatwright asks, “What’s the main mistake people make when trying to hang artwork on the wall?”

“You can go too small on a large wall.  You can go too large on a small wall.  Or you can hang art too high,” Colton answers.  “You really want the art to relate to the room and to the wall itself so scale and proportion are key.”

“When we have a grouping like this, the frames don’t have to match, right?,” asks Boatwright.

“It’s a little boring to have everything very matchy-matchy.  So mixing up size, color, types of frames, something a little more ornate with something a little more modern adds interest for the eye.  It makes the grouping itself a piece of art, and also highlights each piece individually,” Colton responds.  

“So a few things to remember when hanging artwork.  You want to fill the space, make it interesting, make it colorful, and it’s always House Proud,” Boatwright concludes.  

      Originally published on TWC News House Proud