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Tribeza Interiors Tour features Austin Interior Designer Robin Colton Studio

Tribeza Interiors Tour

The best things come to those who wait... OR they come very quickly and without warning!  To conclude our fabulous 2014, we were honored to be asked to participate in the 2nd annual Tribeza Interiors Tour.  

Austin Interior Designer Robin Colton + DIFFA Urban Picnic by Design

The Inspiration

Last Spring, I travelled with my family to France and dined (and danced) under the stars in Paris.  Each evening, sitting at a cafe table in Paris, I saw more than the company I was with and the food I was served.  I could see PARIS.  The feeling of that moment - the time in the evening when friends, family, and lovers fill the outdoor cafe tables to dine together - this was the inspiration for my picnic table presented at DIFFA's Urban Picnic by Design.

DIFFA's URBAN PICNIC Features AUSTIN Interior Designers

Robin Colton Studio is incredibly honored and excited to be participating in DIFFA's Urban Picnic by Design to be hosted in Austin on September 11th.