Conversations : Q+A with Robin Colton

Introducing the first in an exciting new series, Conversations, a behind-the-scenes look at the tastemakers, craftsman, and influencers who practice the art of curated living.  I will be sitting down to discuss where they draw their inspiration, how design has impacted their lives, what drives them to create, and how they integrate design and curated living into their daily lives.  To kick off this exciting new series, we give a glimpse behind the scenes with our Principle, Robin Colton. 

Conversations Q+A with Robin Colton | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas |

Having spent a decade in the world of Fashion Design, Robin found herself missing the personal connection with the end user of her design work.  Returning to school to study Interior Design, she found herself invigorated by the impact that design can have in the daily lives of her clients.  Robin brings her fashion design sensibility into the interior design world from concept to reality to improve people's lives directly whether in their primary residences, vacation or second homes, or special event designs.   Her studio's guiding principle is : Personal. Designed. Every Moment.

Tell us about how you integrate Fashion Design and Interior Design.

Robin : I was a fashion designer for Nordstrom private label before my focus shifted to interior design, and the fashion designer within me has never left.  The fashion industry is fast-paced with new collections every season and filled with trends that come and go.  I love keeping up with the outpour of creativity in both the fashion and interior design industries (Vogue’s fall issue!), always with a keen eye toward modern ideas and innovations as well as beautiful, elegant, sophisticated design.    

How do you approach design?

Robin : I strive, as Alexander McQueen said, "To make a piece that can transcend any trend and will hold as much presence in 100 years time when you find it in an antique store as when you bought it in my store yesterday.”  I bring this sensibility to each space and project that I design.   

How does travel or location influence your design process?

Robin : I have been lucky enough to travel around the world.  Phoenix, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong.  For over a decade, I have established roots in Austin with my family.  Austin has typically been a laid back, eclectic, whatever goes kind of town.  I can design to that, but my aesthetic is more in tune with where the city is heading as it grows - a warm, modern feel with sexy, fuzzy edges. 

What is your approach when working on a project?

Robin : I thrive as a Designer when I create a vision for a complete space - whether a whole home, secondary residence, office, restaurant or boutique hotel.  One can relax in a room I design, but I don't think there is much of an excuse for not having a place for everything and everything in its place.

How would you describe the client's experience when working with you?

Robin : With a Couturier’s touch and a Concierge’s care, I will guide you through the interior design process.  You know that moment when  you put on your favorite outfit?  It makes you feel  confident, sexy, chic.  You feel like your best self and as though you can conquer anything life throws at you.  My goal is to deliver that feeling with your new space.

Conversations Q+A with Robin Colton | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas |

Fast Facts

cocktail order  
Old fashioned - little bit sweet.  Great bourbon is key. 
Also love a big glass of red wine

snack of choice  
Chocolate chip cookies late at night.  With a glass of ice cold milk.

favorite film  
Pretty in PInk - yes, the one from the '80's!

favorite past times  
family time
sewing her own clothing
snuggling under the covers for a movie
exploring museums

go to outfits  
a dress with detail ~ but comfortable and easy
cozy sweater, cool jeans, booties or chic loafers

schooled in  
Fashion Design and Interior Design

lives in
Austin Texas!

formerly of
Memphis, TN
Raleigh NC
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Seattle, WA

dying to visit
the North East - haven’t been yet outside of NYC!
Paris - again
wherever she can ski

pins already dropped
Hong Kong
Los Angeles
Portland, OR
Lexington, KY

star sign

weapon of choice
sarcasm and quick wit

Lynch Syndrome awareness and cure

hidden talents
fictional speaking accents (yes, she makes them up), and she can bake!