What's on YOUR Mind?

Why Hiring an Interior Designer Early Pays Off

Building and remodeling a home can come with a lot of hiccups -- there are so many decisions to make and so many details to track.

While you may think interior designers specialize in the finishing touches, it's actually in the initial details they can really help smooth the process, even before the slab is laid.

The One Thing You Need to Know for Your Best Living Room

This one trick will change how you arrange your living room furnishings, and create more memories at home.


What's on YOUR mind? Creating a special space to showcase Collections.

Q : My spouse has a collection of old cameras and they are spread all across the house.  How can I create a special space to showcase this collection?


What's on YOUR mind? How an Interior Designer approaches Paint Color Selection

Q : I walked into the house you were showing on the tour and loved the gray color on the walls!  What is that paint color and how do I know if it's right for my home?  
A to the Q : The question-of-the-day on the Interiors Tour was 'What is the color on the walls?'  The answer - Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.  But here's where the lively discussions began!