Your Red Carpet Moment

One of my favorite things in life is red carpet season. There is a magic that comes along with being on the red carpet.  For a moment in time all of these people get to experience what I can only imagine to be time standing still. 

Jaw-Dropping Glamour. Chic Details. Curated Collections. Jump-into-it Giant Sofa. Whatever it means to you, if your space is designed around YOU, then you too can have your Red Carpet moment every day.

Where do you get gorgeous?

A curated life means beginning and ending every day in a space that works for you and makes you feel special.  A designed closet reflects your style, tastes, needs, and habits.  If you are never going to put each pair of shoes away in a clear plastic bin at the end of the day, then design your closet with open shoe storage instead.  A well designed closet reflects how you truly live, and makes your life easier every day.