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Your Red Carpet Moment

One of my favorite things in life is red carpet season. There is a magic that comes along with being on the red carpet.  For a moment in time all of these people get to experience what I can only imagine to be time standing still. 

Jaw-Dropping Glamour. Chic Details. Curated Collections. Jump-into-it Giant Sofa. Whatever it means to you, if your space is designed around YOU, then you too can have your Red Carpet moment every day.

Ah Parìs (can you hear my french accent?)

I realized this morning that one year ago, we were making final preparations to head out on our longest and most extravagant family trip yet ~ we were headed overseas to Europe!!!  My daughter had spent the Spring semester of 2014 studying abroad in Angers, France.  Well, I missed her terribly (thank you Skype for existing and keeping us in touch) and we thought what better excuse to head to Europe than to pick her up at the end of her semester.  My husband Mykol had never been out of the country (only Vancouver BC on our honeymoon when we lived in Seattle, but that’s not that far out of the country…), and I had not been to France since my high school exchange trip to France.  Needless to say, I think we are both reminiscing about our trip these days as our dinner conversation last night revolved around the European lifestyle and how different it is than the American lifestyle.  This got me to thinking