As Coco Chanel Says...

As Coco Chanel Says Tarrytown Master Bedroom | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |
Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.
— Coco Chanel

Clothing can be luxurious. Think cashmere sweaters and Louboutin heels. But if they are ill-fitting or not the right cut, you will not be comfortable. Your mood and experiences will reflect that discomfort. Clothing can be comfortable. Your favorite yoga pants or pull-over hoodie are comfortable but may not reflect your lifestyle.

Luxury in your home is no different. A space that looks beautiful but you are afraid to sit on for fear of wrinkles or a mess is not comfortable. A space that is so comfortable that the impressions where you sit daily in your couch are clearly visible to visitors is not luxurious.

The most successful space is the perfect balance of daily comfort and luxury. Take a close look at the master bedroom above. The silver-plated glass chandelier sets the tone for a romantic and sensual space. Layers of fabrics in a soft iceberg blue palette reflect an elegance and softness. The heavenly quilted duvet filled with a fluffy insert surrounds the couple like a cloud.

Anyone wearing Chanel feels an unencumbered comfort and confidence. There is purpose to the details of every piece but those details are not necessarily seen by the naked eye. For our Tarrytown client, this master bedroom was created for their real life - with details not immediately apparent, but nonetheless allowing them ultimate comfort.

Nearly topping out at the ceiling this tufted headboard is the pièce de résistance combining elegant button tufting with a plush velvet. Having all of the comforts for your morning and evening rituals right at hand is the ultimate luxury - your tea glass on the nightstand, fresh flowers providing a soft fragrance in the morning. For the third user of this bedroom (think four legs and super lovable), the infinitely touchable fur bench at the foot of the bed is most importantly a stepping stone up to the bed. Tibetan fur? Why not! There are places for everything our client needs in this bedroom, and everything is tastefully placed.

Comfort, beauty, functionality. Luxury defined.