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Breathing New Life into Old History

We love the concept of coworking spaces. They are incubators of dreams, possibilities, and collaboration, where freelancers and entrepreneurs can work and network. In the case of a new coworking space we designed, it is also a place of history. Talk about a gold mine of inspiration!

Gravity Workspace recently opened in Round Rock. With our approach to the design, we wanted to stay true to the spirit of the building's history, and the spirit of collaboration that will carry it into the future.


The building sits at 105 South Blair Street in Round Rock. Given the slow extinction of the landline, perhaps few remember it as the old "Ma Bell" building -- it was once home to the Bell Telephone Co. in Round Rock. We wanted to preserve some of that story.

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The foundation of the interior design is steel, glass, and white-washed exposed brick. These provide the backdrop for everything else, and define the layout. Not only do steel, glass, and brick allow some of the building's bones to shine, they harken back to long ago when things were built to last. Even while lending a modern feel, these materials feel like they've been here for a long time, and will continue to be here for generations.

The black and white color palette and minimal clean lines provide a calm, focused atmosphere for the private work spaces.


We encourage collaboration throughout by layering smaller spaces within Gravity's larger space. The conference room anchors the main space. Bar-height seating tucked around a corner provides a change of scenery. Behind that is a cozy armchair nook where people can brainstorm in pairs. Built-in bench seating makes use of the hallway as a comfortable spot to kick up your feet. Touches like pendant light fixtures and a dropped cantilevered ceiling in the main seating area make the space feel cozy, like you're sitting in your own living room, only with all the amenities (coffee!) and people with whom to talk and collaborate.

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The design element that commands the most attention is the circular phone booth. In keeping with the modern interior design, everything in the space is very rectilinear - comprised of lines that follow 90-degree angles. There needed to be a place for people to make private phone calls, and the circular phone booth was born. We designed a structure that tucks in the corner of the main space, and adds the perfect element of something special and different.


At the grand opening a woman who keeps tabs on local coworking spaces told us Gravity has a welcoming feel, rather than a cold, industrial vibe she has felt in other places. What a compliment! We know environment can make a big impact on your productivity - for better or for worse. We hope our interior design is part of what inspires energy and momentum for freelancers and entrepreneurs as they turn big ideas into reality for years to come!

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