Love Your Home in 3 Easy Steps : 2016 Design Resolutions

3 Steps to Loving Your Home | Robin Colton Studio Austin Texas Blog |

It may not be quite the rush of finishing your first marathon, but it’s close — that feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project you’ve been thinking about for years.  January is the perfect time to capitalize on that New Year’s motivation, so here are some Design Resolutions to get you going.

New Year's Resolutions: Design Edition

1. Purge

There’s nothing like clutter to distract from what you love in your home. Maybe it’s the stacks of old mail and magazines or maybe it’s the vase you’ve been hanging on to because your college roommate gave it to you 17 years ago. Whatever it is, start by clearing anything you don’t absolutely love out of a room. Just put it in a box out of the way for now. Imagine looking around your home and seeing only what you love. You’ll be surprised how showcasing your favorite things makes you smile every day. Bonus - you are creating space for finding new pieces that make your heart flutter! In a week or a month, you may surprise yourself with how easy it is to part with the pieces in that box.

Love Your Home Brodie Springs Master Bedroom | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |

2. Tackle a Project

Do you have a big blank wall that’s been bugging you? Overstuffed shelves that have books and knick-knacks piled up every which way? An empty corner that just feels lonely? Pick a wall or a nook that has potential, make a plan, and put it on the calendar! Hang the art that's been hiding in your closet, style the shelves with the pieces that you absolutely love, or set up that bar cart the way you’ve always wanted. You’ll feel that pride of accomplishment every time you lay eyes on your finished project.

Love Your Home Brodie Springs Bar Cart | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |

If you are going to tackle a project this month, let me know about it!

3. Refresh a Rug

Speaking of things you love, if you think your favorite rugs are looking a little worse for wear, good news — they may not be! Rotate them to create new traffic patterns and to avoid wearing down the same areas, and send them off for a cleaning if necessary. Great rugs just need the proper care and they’ll serve you for years.

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If you set your mind to following these three easy steps, that sense of accomplishment will carry you right into February. Whatever you do, we want to see! Tag us on Instagram or Twitter


Happy New Year from the Robin Colton Studio team. Here’s to getting things done and loving your home in 2016!