The One Thing You Need to Know for Your Best Living Room

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Q: I'm not sure how to arrange my living room. Will the room feel bigger if I just push all the furniture against the walls?

A to the Q: Rooms are more than places to fill with furnishings - they're places where memories are made. When you shift your perspective to see rooms as containers for life, you can be thoughtful about the experiences you want to create in them. While most people's first inclination is to push furniture up agains the walls, this really doesn't contribute to a room that feels intimate and cohesive.

Instead, create pockets of space. This establishes comfortable paths between your furnishings, and a natural flow through the space. If you love doing puzzles with your children, wouldn't it be special to design the perfect nook where you put them together? Or if morning coffee with your spouse starts you both off on the right foot, imagine creating the perfect, inviting sitting area in your favorite spot in the living room.

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