Interior Designers #GivingBack : House Warming Central Texas Table of Grace

Central Texas Table of Grace | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |

My friend and fellow interior designer, Kelly LaPlante, invited me to join a team of Interior Designers for a great cause.  The project is to create a beautiful environment for a new group home for kids, ages 6-17, in Round Rock.  All the designers met at the home, Central Texas Table of Grace (CTTG) to kick off the project on September 9th. 

Central Texas Table of Grace | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |

What does a house warming mean for this space?  The goal is to elevate the space to feel like a home - new paint, light fixtures, furnishings, and accessories.  

This former office building will be one of the fastest projects I have ever been involved in as the install date is less than one month away!  Each design team is charged with designing one space in the home - we are working on the media room (pictured below).  This is where the kids come to hang out, watch movies, decompress, do homework, and relax after a long day at school!  

Our install date of October 7th is approaching quickly and there is so much to accomplish.  I am working to secure donations and volunteers for the mad dash to the finish line.  I have already started assembling a great team of volunteers.

There is no more deserving group of kids that need this 'house' to become a home.  Stacy Johnson is the founder and a true inspiration.  Please visit the website to learn more about this group home, and about Stacy.  

This is the current state of the media room.

Central Texas Table of Grace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to provide emergency shelter services to children and youth in the foster care system.  Their support contributes to an improved quality of life for youth and their families.  The organization's projects, implemented by an experienced staff, emphasize creating a caring climate for youth.  Supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, and good judgement, CTTG will provide many children with a thorough foundation for success.  Please join us in any way you are able to in helping create a home for these children.