Creating a Color Palette?

Q : I am ready to start the process of creating a color palette for my home.  How do I know where to start?

A to the Q : This great question came in regarding color scheme and how to select the right one.  Color inspiration is everywhere ~ I'll show you how to sift through it all and create a color scheme for your home.

Remember to start with the basics ~ the color wheel!  

Primary colors are red, blue and yellow.
Secondary colors are orange, green, and purple.
Tertiary colors are a mixture of primary and secondary colors that create different hues.  White and black can be added to soften or darken these hues.

Your color scheme can be:
Monochromatic ~ these are tone on tone colors with a mixture of light and dark versions of the same color.
Analogous ~ these are the colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  For example, green and blue as seen in the above nursery photo.  
Complementary ~ these are the colors opposite each other on the color wheel.  Based on the shades of each color used, complementary schemes can be bold or subtle.
Contrast ~ here is where you can mix and match colors to add energy to your scheme.

If you already have a favorite rug, piece of artwork, or upholstered piece, you have your starting point.  You will want to pull out the colors of the piece that you are most attracted to, and the ones that will most flatter and show off your piece when the palette is pulled together.  The hand-troweled headboard wall perfectly sets off the artwork and custom rug in this master bedroom.

Creating a Color Palette Austonian Master Bedroom | Robin Colton Interior Design Studio Austin Texas Blog |

Feeling unsure of what colors you like?  Open your closet!  You will find yourself attracted to colors you like and look good in when shopping for clothes, and these are the same colors you should surround yourself with in your home. 

Use black somewhere in every room.  This helps to ground the space, and allows the colors in the space to have a starring role.


Remember, there are hundreds of paint colors out there.  Fabrics, rugs, accessories, hard finishes - these are items that are more limited in the colors they are offered in.  Establishing the starting point of your scheme with your hard and soft surfaces is a great place to start.  Paint can actually be one of the last items you select in your color scheme.  (Remember to sample your paint colors of choice.  You can read more about that process here.)

Selecting a color scheme for your entire home can be a daunting task.  If you are still feeling unsure about defining your color scheme, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and goals for the one room you are ready to tackle, or your entire home or commercial space.