Detail is King

I was sweating through my morning workout today, and the instructor in my online video stated “Detail is king!”  She was of course referring to all of the little adjustments and positions that I am supposed to think about through each and every exercise - ears out of my shoulders, pull my belly button to my spine, toes at 1 and 11, knees bent right over ankles… each of these ‘details’ during my workout is meant to maximize my results and minimize injury.  So every morning at 6:30 when I turn on my Barre3 online workout, I am thinking about detail already.  I don’t think I have to tell you, that thought process stays with me All. Day. Long.

In the work I do, detail really is king.  Sure, I could design a space that GENERALLY feels good and looks good.  But the difference between a so-so space and an incredible space is in the details.  Detail can mean something different in each room of your home.  In the bathroom, it could be the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living ~ modern technology within a natural environment.  In this bathroom the curvilinear structure and exposed plumbing of the shower head  as well as the hand-troweled ‘concrete’ walls immediately transform the user to the outdoor shower experience.  The bluetooth speaker shower head and the mirror that is also a waterproof TV allows the user the benefits of modern technology within a serene environment.   

In your guest bedroom, it can mean the difference between a bed where a guest sleeps and a luxurious experience for an out of town guest complete with a variety of pillows and a layering of coverlets, blankets, and a fluffy duvet to allow for a range of sleeping body temperatures; a carafe at the side of the bed filled with water; a durable bench to set down their suitcase; a private phone line; adjustable reading lights on both sides of the bed; a stack of travel books and a note with your itinerary the duration of their visit - so they can find time to spend with you and also time to explore our lovely city on their own.

Throughout every design project, there are at least a million details to think about.  One of the most satisfying parts of my job (can you call doing what you love every day a job?) is working through all of those details with and for my clients so that when they open the door to their home, office, restaurant, boutique they fall in love with the space all over again.  What makes the difference day in and day out?  Detail.