Fun Facts about Interior Designer Robin Colton

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1. Pretty in Pink
Robin's favorite moment in her home is the lipstick pink accent wall affectionately known as "Grandma's Wall". As Robin describes it; "Every day I see a bright pink smile from my mom."

2. Brushes with 'Family Ties.'
While skiing in Utah, Robin got stuck in the elevator with Justine Bateman (sadly not Jason). It was her first celebrity encounter.

3. Spending the night with Ben...and Jerry.
If it was her last meal, Robin has no qualms pleading for Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch.

4. The perks of marrying a chef: Her kitchen is her favorite restaurant.
All he needs is a comfortable, inspiring cooking space. Luckily, that’s where Robin comes in.

5. One day, in Paris...
Robin’s future getaway home is in Paris. It may still be in her dreams, but someday, it’ll be there among the architecture, history, cafes and, of course, shopping.

6. An architect crush on Tadao Ando. 
To Robin, his awe-inspiring spaces, like the Church of Light, “have a quality that forces an introspective glance at myself.”