Get Uncomfortable

Whether that is in trying that pair of red heels with your jeans and silk blouse instead of your standard loafer.  Or ordering the dish at the restaurant you're not sure about but sounds amazing.  Or getting up in front of the group and pitching your best idea.  Or going forward with a design idea that is out of your frame of reference.  It's those moments when we run right past our comfort zones that the magic happens.

Your Red Carpet Moment

One of my favorite things in life is red carpet season. There is a magic that comes along with being on the red carpet.  For a moment in time all of these people get to experience what I can only imagine to be time standing still. 

Jaw-Dropping Glamour. Chic Details. Curated Collections. Jump-into-it Giant Sofa. Whatever it means to you, if your space is designed around YOU, then you too can have your Red Carpet moment every day.

Where do you get gorgeous?

A curated life means beginning and ending every day in a space that works for you and makes you feel special.  A designed closet reflects your style, tastes, needs, and habits.  If you are never going to put each pair of shoes away in a clear plastic bin at the end of the day, then design your closet with open shoe storage instead.  A well designed closet reflects how you truly live, and makes your life easier every day.  

Remade in the USA

Integrating what might be perceived as a 'rustic' element within a modern aesthetic is incredibly satisfying.  Being a Designer with a modern aesthetic myself, sometimes proposing the use of a reclaimed product can be a tough sell to a client.  However, I really love doing so as this is one of the ways to bring life into a space and I love the addition of warmth and texture that a reclaimed piece introduces with more modern elements.