A Day in the (Sexy) Life of a Designer

A Day in the (Sexy) Life of a Designer | Robin Colton Studio Austin TX Blog

Most mornings I wake up and feel like the luckiest girl alive. I get to create beautiful spaces for wonderful clients. I get to live through my true calling — helping people create the best life possible for themselves, through interior design.

Sometimes people ask me about the 'sexy' part of interior design. They have usually seen TV shows where the Designer is flitting about with fabric samples and talking poshly about how this color just 'pops' in the space. Well, there are parts of my job that are ‘sexy,' just in a different way. When I'm introducing a space I have created to the client for the first time, sometimes there is silence. For a moment I panic, but look over only to realize they are speechless - and often tearful (or at least misty-eyed). When I receive calls from clients six months after they have moved in and they are just calling to say they still cannot believe they actually get to come home to their 'new' home every day... well yes, that is the 'sexy' part.

A Day in the (Sexy) Life of a Designer | Robin Colton Studio Austin TX Blog

I traveled to Dallas last week for two days to work with a client. Looking for pieces that fit into a holistic vision that I have hashed for the house, for the opportunity to make my client feel the most herself in her new home - this is certainly a fun journey for me! In and out of showrooms, finding the 'diamonds in the rough' in rows of fabrics and wallpapers, finding the perfect chair that is comfortable, beautiful form, and encompasses all aspects of the client’s personality - this is a true joy to me!

Driving out before dawn, three hours on the road, eating lunch on the fly, visiting 25+ different showrooms in a day to find the perfect pieces with a million parameters (scale, color, finish, availability, price point, holistic vision, durability); it’s no small task. In one day I wore down the soles of my flats (yes flats... heels would just about kill me)!

A Day in the (Sexy) Life of a Designer | Robin Colton Studio Austin TX Blog

When I sat with my client on day two to present my findings and share the vision for her new home, I watched her transform from nervous (she had never worked with a designer) to relaxed (ok - Robin has GOT this!). We visited a few showrooms and she was genuinely excited to sit in a chair I selected, and to see and touch the finishes on the case goods. She even fell in love with a (sparkly) gem of a barstool we found!

A day in the life of a designer - or at least my life as a designer - brings true joy and satisfaction to my core. When I get to work through a deep thought process to create a holistic vision that truly gives my clients the tools to live their best lives possible, this is the 'sexy' part of being a Designer.