Just me and.... Liberace

Yep!  That's me in the green velvet dress with lace front and collar that my mom made for me!

Yep!  That's me in the green velvet dress with lace front and collar that my mom made for me!

You may not know this about me... I was an accomplished pianist back in the day.  I learned how to play on my parents upright piano.  I wish now that I could remember if they had it and I started playing it, or if they bought it specifically for me.  What I do know, is that I actually really loved to play - through mandatory daily practice sessions and all!  I know my favorite composer was Tchaikovsky for any recitals that I performed in.  I know that I liked playing duets with my friend Sabrina.  And I know that I loved hearing my grandmother play on her old player piano.  An actual player piano like you see in the movies - not the electronic versions of today.  She played ragtime and her fingers were so fluid - gracefully flowing from one end of the keys to the next.  My teacher Mrs Prioste (I think that's how you spell her name) was fabulous and I loved going to her house for lessons. 


But my favorite player / performer of all time (for all I knew at age 11...) was Liberace.  I was too young to understand what was behind his huge personality - I just knew that every time I saw him I was in awe of the SHOWMANSHIP!  My mom and I went to see him perform a number of times, and I was star struck every time.  The cars, the furs, the sequins, all of those rings on his fingers when he performed.  I was in love! 


Flash forward to June 2015 and my first visit to Palm Springs.  More on Palm Springs in a later post - but I do want to share with you that I took the opportunity to visit three of Liberace's homes.  Two in Palm Springs, and one up in the Hollywood Hills in LA.

We drove past all three homes - not able to see inside.  But just sitting outside of each of the homes took me back to the time when Liberace was larger than life to me.  I still love to hear his distinct irreverence to the classics, and whenever there is a special or flashback show on TV I watch with a fondness for my time playing and also for the time I shared with my mom going to see Liberace perform.  For me, it felt like a true honor to sit outside and imagine the glitter, the glitz, the glam of the time when Liberace lived and played in each of those homes.  Unfortunately I stopped playing when high school and sports and life interfered with my time on the piano.  When I build my dream house I'm going to design a space for a piano to live - so that I can tinker with it from time to time to see what I remember - and to bring out my inner Liberace.