What's on YOUR mind? Creating a special space to showcase Collections.

Q : My spouse has a collection of old cameras and they are spread all across the house.  How can I create a special space to showcase this collection?

A to the Q : This is a great question and one that many people struggle with ~ whether it's a rock collection, postcards from travels, or family photographs.  Instead of spreading the love of your (fill in the blank) collection throughout your home, creating a 'moment' in your home where the collection is honored is a great way to add interest to your home and tell your story.  Your collection makes you uniquely you, but cluttering your entire home with the collection does not allow it to become a special unique focus.  In fact, your collection can feel like it is taking over!  

Mirrored Bar with Glasses and Vases

Designing a shelving system that creates a focal space or wall allows you to display all of your pieces and elevates the look of your home and your collection.  I designed this wall system specifically to showcase the art of entertaining and collection of glassware for this high-rise condominium.

Photo collection in Entry

Creating a gallery wall in your entry that allows all of your family photos or travel postcards to be on display immediately tells your unique story, and can help strike up meaningful and fun conversation!  You get the opportunity to share your life with your guests as soon as they enter your home.  This entry was designed to be a 'destination' and not just a pass through space.  Adding the personal touch of the family photos contributes to the feeling of wanting to linger here.

Table scape with candles

Keep the focus on the pieces that you truly love.  Not every single rock that you have found wandering the beach is collection worthy.  If a particular memory or fun story is tied to a piece, let it shine and not get lost in the shuffle.  Put it out on display!  Cull through your collections, find a place to centralize your collection and let it shine, and tell your unique story in your home.

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